Alpha Testing Stage

Posted by Shubha Ramani on 2012-02-05 00:00:00

Hello There !

Welcome to my site. I've got some bugs to fix yet so don't get too excited (participate at your own risk). The Photo Album Viewer's performance is atrocious but the Chrome browser works considerably better than Firefox. Now I know what Facebook engineers have to go through on a daily basis...I've got to improvise and optimize yet before I start publishing my blogs on Hacker News or the brash tech community out there will mock me, or even worse – not hire me !

This site may look deceptively simple but a sizeable amount of code (PHP, Javascript, HTML/CSS, mysql) as well as hours upon hours, weekends and nights of research, trial and error – went into building it. A year ago today, I didn't know web programming...but now I'm happy to say that I am a competent, if inexperienced, web programmer and designer.

I'm proud to say that I used 100% open source tools in the process. For instance, my development environment consisted of XAMPP for Linux (previously known as LAMPP) running on a Lenovo X200 Ubuntu environment. My photo editor of choice was GIMP, and my html editor (for typing text such as this blog-post) was Writer. For typing code on my laptop, I used Emacs...but to fix bugs on the site, I used vi since I access Site5 via SSH in terminal mode. At any given time while coding, I had tens and twenties of windows open, distributed in some logical fashion across four Ubuntu Virtual Desktops.

So, stay tuned while I work feverishly on the Photo Album Viewer's sluggishness.



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